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Scared To Workout At The Gym – Overcome Gym Anxiety

American Health and Fitness, Russellville Alabama, Moulton Alabama, Scared to work out at the gym, Overcome gym anxiety

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Many people say “gyms are not for me” and never even go into one, usually because gyms can be scary, not welcoming or not cool.

Muster up the courage to walk through the door:

However, if you CAN get past the gym anxiety and muster up the courage to walk through the door, you might get a glimpse of the following:

  • People with strained looks on their faces using machines that resemble medieval torture devices.
  • Others you’ll find sweating out on cardio machines, treadmills, and ellipticals. It’s rather unlikely you’ll end up wiping out like you see on American Funniest Home Videos, so go ahead and wipe the image from your mind.
  • Experienced lifters picking up heavy free weights so effortlessly that you can’t help but instantly compare yourself to them…and get intimidated. Don’t do that! Everyone starts out at the beginning.

Like a TON of people, you may struggle with self-confidence, or you don’t love how you look, you might even assume that everybody around you will be judging you the whole time and don’t want to subject yourself to this torture.

As a matter of fact, a common misconception is that people think that they need to get in shape FIRST, and THEN they can go to the gym…

This couldn’t be more wrong!

You go to the gym TO get in shape. And American Health and Fitness will get you there.

There are a few truths you need to know before you head to the gym:

  1. Everybody around you is just as self-conscious as you are. YEP, that is the most important truth! Also, that person on the treadmill or elliptical, they aren’t focused on you. They’re too busy living inside their own head wondering if everybody is thinking about them.
  2. Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody starts their fitness journey with a 6-pack cut and minimum body fat. You don’t look good so that you can go to the gym. You go to the gym to get stronger, more confident, and the side effect of your hard work and dedication is looking good.
  3. MOST will applaud you for trying. When somebody who is overweight starts their journey at the gym, it makes me happy – they’re trying to better themselves! That’s freaking AWESOME and it motivates me even more. This is the mentality most of the people will have.
  4. MANY will be too self-focused to even notice you. These are the heavy lifters, lifting up their shirt in the mirror to check their abs, doing bicep curls in the squat rack, or zoned out to the music in their ears running on the treadmills like someone is chasing them.
  5. A RARE few will judge. It’s sad really but they’re not JUST judging you, I promise. They’re judging EVERYBODY around you. They can’t help it, they are terrible people. However, this is no different than in real life.

However if you continue to have the “people are mean” and “the gym is scary” mindset, then you let them win. Getting healthy, fit and developing a healthy self-confidence isn’t about them. This is YOUR JOURNEY!!!


  • Accept that sometimes people suck (like anywhere in life), and most people are indifferent or focused on being self-conscious themselves. While others may be just having a bad day. Everybody else will applaud you for trying and being there.
  • Make an epic playlist that makes you feel energized.
  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.
  • Imagine you’re the only one there. Keep your headphones on, zone out everybody, and go about your business.

American Health and Fitness understands that, for beginners, going to the gym can be a huge challenge. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for all clients to be comfortable in the gym. When you’re ready, our gym locations at Russellville Alabama and Moulton Alabama are ready to help you get started.

Before you know it, with dedication and hard work, you can go from a sheepish beginner to fitness fanatic. Let us help you!

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program or diet. See full medical disclaimer here.

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