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Health and Fitness Resolutions for 2022

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The most common resolution genre for the new year is health and fitness, so here are a few alternatives to inspire you.

Why do our well-intentioned, heartfelt New Year intentions usually fall apart by February? There are two reasons. First and foremost, we don’t make clear, measurable or achievable goals because we talk in generic terms about “shedding weight” or “being healthier.”

Second, we expect failure from the start (after all, it’s what we’ve always encountered).

This year, things are going to be different. While we don’t expect you to absorb the whole top 10, you will at least learn how to apply the concepts of goal setting to your own goals and aspirations – and get a head start on the rest of the population.

Set Specific Goals

What does ‘toning up’ or ‘losing weight’ imply to you? How will you measure it, why do you want it, how will you acquire it, and how much is enough? Make sure your new objective (or resolution) is SMART. Is the aim Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound? If not, start again.

There is a simple rule of thumb when setting your goals: the more specific they are, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Commit to Being Active

One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to become more active. We all want to be more active but we find it easier said than done. If you’re going to commit, at least make sure your goal is reasonable – aim for 30 minutes a day of physical activity as a minimum. Keep your goals within reach and focus on achievable targets.

Increase Fruit And Vegetables 

Fruits and veggies are high in health-promoting, disease-fighting phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You should eat at least five to eight portions of fruits and vegetables each day. If it appears difficult, consider breaking up your intake throughout the day. Never leave home without having at least one serving, for example.The USDA advises women to get 9-13 ounces of fruit a day in order to prevent osteoporosis. You can meet your daily recommended amount of fruit by eating 1 cup for breakfast, 2 cups for lunch and 3 cups for supper. A side salad with your lunch, some veggies with dinner, and fruit and raw vegetables as snacks between meals

Visit The Gym Often

According to research done by the Fitness Industry Association, how frequently a person who is new to exercise visits the gym after joining is an indicator of their future success. During the first month, almost 30% of new gym members visited their club less than once a week, and they were most likely to have dropped out by the third month. So once you’ve signed up, keep swiping that card until it becomes a habit.

Be Body Aware

Body awareness isn’t something that goes away when you leave your exercise class; it’s something you should be aware of 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A hunched, tight posture, a clinched jaw, a hanging-out stomach, a jutting-forward head and crossed limbs are all signals that your posture is less than ideal. You’ll get good at detecting when your posture is lacking and correcting it if you can “scan” your body frequently throughout the day. The beauty of this approach is that it instantly make you appear and feel taller, skinnier, and more elegant.

Keep A Training Journal

They’re not only for professional athletes. Anyone who exercises on a daily basis (or intends to!) should keep a journal or blog of their progress, including where they started (in terms of fitness level, weight, and so on) and what their SMART objectives are. Keeping a diary or blogging will make you feel accomplished, fulfilled, and useful. You may also see what exercises you were focusing on the previous few weeks if a newly defined form appears on your thighs.If you achieve a 10km personal best, you can examine what sessions may have aided in the achievement. It’s also beneficial if you suffer from an injury or recurrent illness since it enables you to search for indicators of overtraining or overdoing things.

Get Your Fluid Intake on Track

We don’t advise you to drink two liters (approximately 68 oz) of water every day, since this has not been proved to be required for everyone. However, if you are generally active and rarely drink a glass of pure water, we urge you to increase your consumption. While the cold weather doesn’t necessarily make you thirstier, overheated workplaces and public transportation are extremely dehydrating. Even though you may not realize it, you are still sweating while exercising in the cold.

On average, the fluid intake for a healthy adult is 1ml per calorie of food consumed—for example, 2,000ml (68 oz) for a woman’s 2,000-calorie diet. While much of this comes from our food, it’s critical to drink lots of water throughout the day – and what better than pure drinking water. Increase your consumption by 500ml (17oz) for a few weeks (just one small bottle of mineral water) and see if it improves your attention, energy levels, and skin.

Balance Your Fitness Activities

It’s tempting to limit oneself to just one thing if you enjoy running or have a particular interest. But do so at your own risk! It’s critical to balance various activities in your routine, including strength training, flexibility training, and some aerobic activity. You will decrease your risk of injury or burnout, and you will almost certainly enhance your performance in your favorite activity.

Don’t Be So Intense

I’m not referring to personality when I say this, but rather effort. According to research, high-intensity exercise (a greater lactate tolerance, more calories burned, improved cardiac output) has a variety of advantages (including greater fat utilization and stress reduction), while lower-intensity exercises (such as reduced blood pressure) have their own benefits. As well, working excessively damages your immune system and leaves you more prone to harm. Following a tough, demanding session with something easier and less taxing the next day is a good idea.

Learn A New Activity

Whether you’re going for a surf at the beach, horseback riding, or tennis lessons at your local club, make a New Year’s resolution to learn a new activity-related skill this year. The body becomes accustomed to doing the same thing over time, and when it no longer finds it difficult. Trying something new will force your brain and body to master new motor patterns. It’s absorbing, enjoyable, and ultimately more gratifying than doing the same old, same old! Of course, we would love to have you join our gym, American Health and Fitness in Russellville, Alabama and Moulton Alabama.

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program or diet. See full medical disclaimer here.

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